Belroi Agility Club of Virginia Classes

Spring 2024 Classes are Scheduled!

We are offering Beginner and Advanced/Ring Prep Classes.

The first 6-week session will begin March 21 and run through April 24. Classes will be held on Thursdays at 6:00pm

Dogs must be a minimum of 1 year old and be up to date with Rabies, Bordetella and DHPP vaccinations


Beginner level dogs must work easily on leash, have a reasonable sit and/or down stay and be manageable around other dogs.

The Advanced/Ring Prep class is for handlers and their dogs who want to improve their handling skills and teamwork with their dogs and are considering or competing in Novice Agility. Dogs should be familiar with all of the contact obstacles, including the teeter, and be able to weave six (6) poles, along with running short sequences.

COSTS: non-members $60 and $30 for members

LOCATION: Belroi Agility and Obedience Center, 6023 Gallopond Lane, Gloucester, Virginia

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Our Training Philosophy

Belroi Agility Club of Virginia is dedicated to the sport of agility, and the respectful treatment of our dogs. We offer all levels of agility classes, from complete beginners who want to have fun with their dogs, to the most advanced levels of competition. We believe agility is a “team” sport between dog and handler, and that it is important for both dog and handler to have fun and be challenged. We work hard to make that happen, whether you plan to compete or do agility just for fun.

Our Training Classes

Our classes are small, so that each handler-dog team receives individual attention. All training is positive – handlers use many rewards such as food and toys, no choke chains or corrections. The aim of our classes is for you and your dog to have fun together. Classes are taught by experienced trainers who actively compete in agility and have earned advanced titles with their dogs.

Our Training Facility

Our agility classes are held at Belroi Agility and Obedience Center using their 3 outdoor rings. Two rings contain AKC equipment – one ring has Standard equipment; the other ring has Jumpers with Weaves equipment. The third ring is smaller and perfect for beginners to become familiar with the various agility equipment.